GREAT to hear from you again!  Sorry if we lost touch.  Hard to believe that some of you have been with us for 45 years!

Be sure to see the info below on the
Revised & Reprinted Volume 5 & 2009 Supplement

As you know, the first Edition of "THE DIRECTORY OF AMERICAN 45 R.P.M. RECORDS" was published in 1974 (then called "A Discography Collection of Artists and Labels").  Since then, it has grown and evolved into the largest, most comprehensive reference on American singles ever available.   It has been updated, supplemented, edited and reprinted several times over the years and is now a gigantic 5-Volume Reference with more than 5,500 discographies, covering the period 1949 up through the present.  The research has never stopped, and each change has enlarged it significantly.  And we're still at it!!

How much your set of "THE DIRECTORY" needs updating depends on how long ago you bought it or last updated it.  Need some help in assessing the damage?  We've got it!

If you purchased/updated your set since 2000...You need only the 2009 Combo to update your set  So, STOP HERE and send off a check for $87.50.  You're done!

If you bought your set before 2000, you'll need to check each volume individually:

Volume 1*
If ...
    1--Your Volume 1 has 532 pages - You need only the 2009 Combo to update Volume 1

    2--Your Volume 1 has less than 532 pages - You need a reprinted Volume 1

Volume 2**
    1--Your Volume 2 has 1150 pages, look at the end of the Arista discography...
        A--If the disc-dating chart includes listings through 1999 - You need only the 2009
             Additions/Corrections Supplement to update Volume 2

        B--If the disc dating chart does not go through 1999 - You need the 1997 Additions/
             Corrections Supplement  + the 2009 Additions/Corrections Supplement
    2--Your Volume 2 has less than 1150 pages -You need a reprinted Volume 2

Volume 3**
    1--Your Volume 3 has disc-dating charts at the end of each label...
        A--If the disc-dating charts include listings through 1999 - You need only the 2009
             Additions/Corrections Supplement to update Volume 3
        B--If the disc-dating charts are there, but don't go through 1999 - You need the 1997
             Additions/Corrections Supplement  + the 2009 Additions/Corrections Supplement
             to update Volume 3
    2--Your Volume 3 has no disc-dating charts - You need a reprinted Volume 3

Volume 4**
    1--Your Volume 4 has 818 pages - You need only the 2009 Additions/Corrections
             Supplement to update Volume 4
    2--Your Volume 4 has less than 818 pages -  You need a reprinted Volume 4

* = Reprinted in early 90's
**= Reprinted in mid-80's

New Customers               Old Customers
                                                                                                replacing outdated

   Reprinted Vol. 1                                         $45                                 $35
     Reprinted Vol. 2                                        $60                                 $50
     Reprinted Vol. 3                                        $65                                 $55
     Reprinted Vol. 4                                        $60                                 $50
     New Vol. 5                                                $60                                 $60
     1997 Additions/Corrections Supplement     $35                                 $35
     2009 Additions/Corrections Supplement    $35                                 $35

If your total, even with the discount, is high - say over $125 - why not consider the following special only for current owners!!

 All 5 Volumes, including the 2009 Combo (Revised Volume 5 and 2009 Supplement)
$290+$20 S&H ($95 Intl S&H) – Yours for - $240+$20 S&H ($95 Intl S&H)
(Does not include binders)

         US S&H -                   1 volume-$6,      2 volumes-$12.00,     3, 4 or 5 volumes-$20
        International S&H -    1 Volume-$25    2 Volumes-$40           3, 4 or 5 volumes-$95

2009 REVISED VOLUME 5 - Newly expanded & reprinted
$60.00 + $9.00 S&H ($25 Int'l. S&H)
Nine years ago, we introduced a brand new Volume 5 to the 4-Volume "Directory of American 45 RPM Records".  It included 1,522 never before available label discographies, including many of the small independent labels.  We also included a new Picture Sleeve Supplement, listing about 12,000 45 RPM picture sleeves (more than any other publication).  The response to the smaller labels was so terrific that we assembled the old research gang and started digging some more.  The result was so not only thousands of additions to those labels, but the addition of over 1,120 label discographies not included previously.  Great doowop labels, soul labels, bluegrass labels, pop labels, gospel labels and rock labels.  Volume 5 was introduced with 453 pages, half of which was the Picture Sleeve Supplement.  The 2004 Revised Volume 5 has 536 pages
WITHOUT the Picture Sleeve Supplement (which due to hundreds of additions, was revised later as a separate publication).  Now we're adding 1,350+ more labels to Volume 5 and revising and repriting it one last time.   It now contains 3,900 discographies (yes, just in Volume 5 alone).  and is being expanded from 536 pages to 862 pages.  The result is a Revised Volume 5 that complements the other four volumes, or is an excellent stand alone reference with tons of information not available anywhere else..

$35 + $6 S&H ($15 Int'l. S&H)
This Additions/Corrections supplement for Volumes 1-4, the first in four years, contains thousands of additions and corrections and replacement pages for active labels, updating "THE DIRECTORY" so that it now covers 60 years of the little record with the big hole - from 1949 through the end of 2008.


$77 + $12 S&H ($32 Int'l S&H) & SAVE ABOUT 20%


Thanks for your continuing support of "THE DIRECTORY", and WELCOME BACK!